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Ye Vs The People

Kanye West has dominated the news cycle for the last few weeks. Why? Simple, because we love(d) Kanye. Kanye started out as a hip hop pioneer and grew into a Hip Hop god. He transferred, not ascended, into the pop culture though he started in Hip Hop. He was the unassuming art student that became the #1 producer and rapper in pop culture. Ye related to the common person.

That was then, this is now. Kanye is out of touch with the common person, he has likened himself to a Donald Trump or his new bff Candace Owens who both have the slightest idea of how it is to be black in America.

How could someone so beloved be hated so quickly?

A few reasons, for one, that damn hat.  When people saw Kanye embrace Donald Trump we could no longer defend him.  Every album, every rant, every mistake we defended Ye. We all felt like we supported when people turned their backs on him and now Ye has turned his back on us.  Anyone aligned with Donald Trump will be vilified, whether that is right or wrong.  Steve Harvey couldn't even have a conversation with the president, about funding his foundation that works with young boys with no fathers, without receiving backlash which is wrong. 

Fast forward Kim Kardashian meets Trump and is praised mostly, but that is an article for another time.  Still, the hat is not the reason many turned their back on Kanye.  Sure, it did not help but if you listened to what Kanye was saying, you understood partly.  He wore the Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat because he wanted to spread love and believed love conquers all.  This was further explained in "Ye vs the People" and in other interviews.  Instead of hating Trump which we know has not worked in our favor, why not love him?  It is not a bad idea, they were the ideals of Martin Luther King Jr, Ghandi, and many others.  MAGA hat sales did not go up in the black community, but people at least understood though disagreed with him wearing the hat.

Then he said SLAVERY WAS A CHOICE.  Any love left was gone.  You disrespected your culture and ancestors on a level that surpassed anything you have ever done.  You are here because of slaves, you are a direct descendant.  How Ye? How!?  There were many revolts that died. 

Slaves did not remain slaves because they thought "Hey, this is a cool job." Slaves did not get paid, you know why?  Because they were slaves. The defense retorting that people are enslaved now to nine to five jobs is pure stupidity. 


Nobody is at work in shackles. There are no new slaves.  Stop the comparison.  Americans have the choice to pursue happiness however they want within the law; slaves were slaves or they died.  See how that is different. 

The worst part of it all is his points were misinformed and nonfactual, just like Donald Trump.  On the Charlemagne interview there were questions he could not answer and deflected because he did not know the answers (Sway).  He was not educated enough to have an argument on the political and social topics brought up. Which just made him look foolish. 

Siding with Candace Owens, the woman who said Black Lives Matter were a bunch of whiners and crybabies just pushed the knife in deeper.  Oh "Look at those black people crying about police officers killing them unarmed, what a bunch of whiners (insert sarcasm)." 

You are your environment.  Mr. West forgot how it was to be black in America, and when African Americans bring up injustices it is not because we are complaining it is because we are fighting. It does not mean we are going to stop growing at the fastest rate for business owners, or going to stop buying property, investing in the stock market, or any other type of progression.

We are just not taking this shit anymore. 

Kanye used to be a fighter for the underdog, and for justice, but that died with that statement.

I understand why Daz, Chris Brown, Snoop and many others said fuck Kanye. I appreciate John Legend, Meek Mill, and Russell Simmons response more. We were hurt, but hurt does not equal hate, we hurt because we love.

So, it is easy to go on this Daz hate spree but that's wack. Are you going to act like College Dropout did not change your life? Graduation did not inspire you?

There is something wrong with Kanye. Kanye West got liposuction. Plastic surgery complications led to the death of his mother and he still did it. Think about that, that alone has many complexities.

College Dropout Ye would have never got lipo, he could give a fuck if the public "called him fat like Rob" because he was Kanye West. His confidence died in Calabasas. I hate to get on the Kardashian curse train, I do not believe in curses. It has been proven over and over that you are a product of your environment.

Kanye entered Calabasas, California. A region full of plastic surgery, and an insane/unrealistic obsession with personal appearance. We should be educating Kanye through love. TI said it best, Kanye is too important to the culture for us to give up on.

Update: This was written before Kanye revealed he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder

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