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Where’s The Love For Pastor Troy?

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Pastor Troy was a pioneer for trap, gangsta, hardcore rap or however you want to describe it, for Atlanta Hip Hop. There were underground artists before Troy, but he was the first to make it on a national level in that genre from the A.

Faceoff is a Hip Hop classic, filled with the origins of crunk music on “This the City” and “Throw Your Flags Up,” to soulful and conscious tracks like “Vice Versa,” and “Eternal Yard Dash.” He had underground success after with his Stay Tru, FaceOff Part II and By Choice or By Force albums.

So why isn’t PT Cruiser respected as a pioneer like T.I., Jeezy and Gucci? He didn’t have the careers as they did, though he was the first.

To be fair Future did feature the Pastor in the "Shit (Remix)," and other artists have paid homage.

Most people won't say Doug E. Fresh was a better rapper than Biggie but he is respected as a Hip Hop Trailblazer. Troy was featured on the first albums of T.I., Jeezy, and Ludacris because he was the hottest thing in Atlanta at that time. It makes you question how come Troy is never mentioned in the discussion of ATL gangsta rap pioneers?

Who knows, but his music deserves respect and notoriety for his impact on the city — that is still influencing Hip Hop til’ this day. It also could be something deeper to the story that outsiders aren’t unaware of, nonetheless musically PT is an ATL legend.

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