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This Is A Moment

This is a moment, this…is…a...moment. Who could predict that the loud wild-talking Bronx native could dominate the headlines with the release of her album. Cardi B was known for being an Instagram (IG) comedian, and through that platform became a cast member on Love and Hip Hop. K. Michelle turned her reality fame to record sales but most do not.

She released her first mixtape in 2016, Gangsta Bitch Music, Vol 1, which did not gain too much traction nationally. In 2017, the IG comedian dropped Gangsta Bitch Music, Vol 2 and it makes a lot of noise in the streets. “Lick” becomes an underground hit all over the country. So again I ask who could have predicted this? 

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Cardi B Privacy Album Cover

Cardi B. 

Many times people are placed in boxes by others; she is an IG comedian, a reality star, not a rapper. Cardi B has been rapping since she was in high school you just did not see it. Once "Bodak Yellow" dropped the whole world discovered who she was. Still, there we doubters saying she was a one hit wonder, not knowing she already had a hit before that.

Her album released and it is proven, she knows how to make good music. She has an ear for hit records. Cardi made an album full of them. One thing will always remain true, good music surpasses all.  Never limit yourself.  Cardi B created a moment in hip hop history that will never be forgotten.

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