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The Real on Tory vs Joyner

Out of nowhere came one of the most underrated battles in rap. Tory and Joyner gave us lyrical entertainment in a prompt fashion. Each response coming in less than two days. Before I go further do not get lost in the fact that this battle was manufactured as a promotional tactic by Tory Lanez, who currently has an album out, either way it has been entertaining to hear. It is gratifying that the masses are seeing #ToryLanez can rap, and rap for real.

Tory came into the game freestyling on Funkmaster Flex's show and Sway In The Morning so do not let the Billboard hits fool you. On the contrary, Joyner is a beast. I did not know if Lucas could battle rap, welp survey says he can.

With Joyner's introspective hits like "Ross Capicchioni" and "I'm Not Racist" who knew he could also go toe to toe with Tory someone who has been battle rapping for a while. The battle is entertaining and evenly matched.

What is most impressive about this battle is that Tory and Joyner are completely two different artists. Tory can rap with most but is a commercial artist who sings as well and is going for Billboard hits and recognition by the masses. Joyner is an introspective, thoughtful, thought-provoking, calculated artist who has a goal of making an impact and not of making radio records. Both are successful artist.

I cannot choose the winner of the battle; every time I hear a response I give the other person the upper hand which affirms it is evenly matched. Tory later said he would want smoke from anyone including Pusha T.

Tory should not get caught up in the hype. Pusha is on another level with the battle rap, it would not be fair, though I respect rappers and people in general who do not run from a challenge. Who won? See Instagram story to vote @labeltypedifferent

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