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The Future Is H.E.R.

Ever noticed someone from afar and was able to sense something special about them. Then after interacting with that person all assumptions were confirmed, which rarely happens. Each conversation thereafter realization sets in, I have met someone special, someone I will never forget.

This is H.E.R.'s music. She has potential to be a superstar. Her pen is undeniable, she can sing flawlessly, and can play the guitar among other talents. She asserts spoken word in her music similar to Wale and Lauryn Hill. On a sidenote, H.E.R. and Wale would make a dope collaboration album.

She recently released an EP titled "I Used to Know Her: The Prelude." Six tracks of good r&b music. "Feel A Way," "Could've Been (feat Bryson Tiller)," and "Against Me" are highlights but you can press play through the entire EP and be slaked.

H.E.R. is a part of a recent resurgence the female R&B artist. Female R&B artists dominated the 90s. More recently, Teyana Taylor, SZA, Solange, Kehlani, Jhene Aiko, and H.E.R. amongst others are bringing the genre back to the forefront. The best part about her (see what I did there) is her mysterious profile.

Further detailed in The Mystique of an Artist, H.E.R. gets the importance of artists being evasive. She intentionally makes you focus on her and her music. Not her body, beautiful face, fake beefs, or controversy, just music. It's refreshing to have an artist who is known strictly for music.

Just music is also a Label Type Different moniker, we only highlight music not gossip.

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