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The 2022 REVOLT Summit X AT&T Recap: THE FUTURE IS NOW

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

The 2022 REVOLT Summit X AT&T Recap: THE FUTURE IS NOW Day 1

The REVOLT Summit X AT&T hosted its annual music conference in Atlanta Saturday and Sunday (9/24-9/25) for the third consecutive year. This year’s theme was the Future is NOW! The recurring mission statement was throughout the panels, performances and events which featured talent across several industries that are leading the charge in creating the future.

This occurrence was two days and was featured on the weekend instead of its three-day Thursday-Saturday format of the past. The two days were star-studded and full of nonstop content and knowledge for creators, business minds and entrepreneurs.

Day 1 of the Summit included a performance from "Toxic Chocolate" rapper Kali, renowned financial podcast Earn Your Leisure (EYL) interviewing Master P, a dance challenge, an inspiring outlook on REVOLT’s future from CEO Detavio Samuels and much more.

Hip Hop mogul Master P encouraged the audience to turn liabilities into legitimate business tax write-offs. The successful entrepreneur advised purchasing vehicles that you can use for your business that qualify for full tax deductions and depreciation. Financial advisor and EYL co-creator Rashad Bilal explained how his trips out of town included business meetings and outings that he could file on his business' taxes. The EYL conversation was similar to their podcast full of useful and complex information broken down to be digested by all.

Samuels, CEO of REVOLT, reaffirmed his commitment to creators and black excellence. “Empowering creators, not only means finding them, it not only means amplifying their work and helping them secure funding. It also means giving them spaces to play,” he said. The REVOLT Chief announced REVOLT Black News (RBN) Studios in Atlanta is being expanded.

The highly educated and awarded executive also took time to praise Monique Chenault, Head of REVOLT STUDIOS, as well as President of REVOLT News, Documentaries & Nonfiction Programming. He exalted, “Monique has been doing an incredible job. She’s driven the creation and expansion of our 17,000 square foot state-of-the-art studio in the heart of the city.” Samuels asked, “Mo how many people got multi-camera studios in this city? One, a Black-Owned media company.”

The 2022 REVOLT Summit X AT&T Recap: THE FUTURE IS NOW Day 2

Day 2 included multiple artists that are making a strong impact on the youth and culture. “Mind Yo Business” architect Lekeyah, Atlanta’s own Baby Tate, freestyle killer Lady London and more. The former provided lit performances that resonated with the audience, and the latter was on the Future of Independence panel. London, a Howard University alum, emphasized the importance of investing as an independent artist.

She states, “I’ve invested a lot, everywhere. I have high interest bearing accounts … several assets in artwork, I put publishing in my nephew’s name for all of my songs, so he collects residual checks every year.” The New York lyricist continued, “Money has always been my servant not my master … all good things aren’t God things. Some money I leave on the table.”

The Future of Women in Sports panel included multi-faceted and diverse women who delivered thought-provoking conversations. The discussion was led by Sports Illustrated journalist Ashley Nicole Moss, Olympic fencing medalist Ibtihaj Muhammad, and also WNBA and Baylor alum Te’a Cooper. Muhammad, the first Muslim American to wear a hijab while competing in the Olympics, said, “My mission now … is to make sure that our kids see themselves in this sport."

The Dear America, Run My Check panel was hosted by Van Lathan Jr and featured Atlanta’s man of the people, Killer Mike, author and political contributor Tezlyn Figaro, actress Erika Alexander, producer and activist Tariq Nasheed, attorney Kamilah Moore and Nation of Islam member and minister in training Rizza Islam. The always-needed dialogue was focused on reparations for African Americans.

Killer Mike suggested a culmination of compensation including land grants, which was a proposal by the immortal martyr, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. When asked how to propel the American government to pay something they don’t acknowledge Figaro brilliantly answered, “In the words Biggie Smalls ‘we won’t chase em’ we’ll replace em.’ We cannot continue to beg, we have to boss.”

She continued, “We continue to ask the same leadership that has been … in charge of the Democrat party over the last 60 years to give us what we’re owed. And yes, Republicans are equally responsible, just to be clear I am non-partisan. We have to get to a point to where we know we are putting people in the mix to change the game.”

The REVOLT Summit X AT&T featured several other poignant moments and entertaining events. The networking hub also provided a job fair and office hours with leaders in various industries, including ATT, Combs Enterprises and of course REVOLT. Outside of the corporations, aspiring and future leaders in entertainment have access to network parallel and horizontally. The conference continually brings up-and-coming, established and expert professionals together to exchange ideas, information and also to have fun. This year was no different.

Check out REVOLT's website, Youtube and REVOLT Summit Instagram for more coverage.

All video posted is copywritten and owned by REVOLT.

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