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Summer Is Just Getting Started

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

The Female R&B Renaissance movement continues. I was first introduced to Summer Walker when she dropped “Girls Need Love” and it went everywhere from Kylie Jenner's page to every IG(Instagram) model known to man.

I listened to her other songs “CPR” “Deep,” and “Karma” they were all dope. That is almost never the case.  Usually when discovering an artist the lead up songs before the big hit are not as good. 

Summer is an ingenious songwriter. 

The key to good songwriting is being honest and authentic, that will always resonate.  Also, the ability to put feelings into words and say what others think or feel while still being able make it flow within the song’s structure.  Summer has that gift.  Walker never had the desire to be famous, only to create art and pay bills. 

I love what her label LVRN (Love Renaissance) is doing, they are consistently producing quality artists and music.  The marketing is genius. 

Walker’s low key personality goes great with the mysterious attribute needed for an artist. (More on that here)  Summer recently released her debut album “Last Day of Summer” including the aforementioned songs.  It is a solid project, and worth the listen, also Walker is currently on tour with 6lack, dates found here.)

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