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One Year Later: Nipsey Hussle's Legacy Will Live On Forever

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Nipsey and Lauren London

#NipseyHussle Tha Great! Today we celebrate Nip. His music was inspirational, his intellect was limitless, his drive was unstoppable, and his heart was of gold. Nipsey gave and spread knowledge, financial literacy and unity! We must continue to honor his legacy.

A year has passed since his untimely demise and it still doesn’t feel any better, but I choose to uplift and motivate instead of bringing the energy that comes with a tragic loss - because that’s who Nipsey was. “Hussle and motivate” are words the Hip Hop icon lived by. The best way to honor him is to continue his ideals.

I was talking about Nipsey to his friend and legendary stylist Groovey Lew and I started feeling dejected talking about the loss. Groove said something I’ll never forget and it changed my perspective.

“Really beautiful still because you know, his [Nipsey Hussle] spirit is here forever. That physical gotta return, but he’s really [Nipsey] Tha Great. People look at him and honor him and they see his life and people that didn’t ever know; they have a chance to learn and look at him.”- Groovey Lew

The Crenshaw native changed the world; his legacy and spirit will live on forever. Watch some of Nipsey’s content on our Instagram and below.

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LABEL TYPE DIFFERENT listed Hussle’s Victory Lap as one of the best albums of 2018.

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