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Nipsey Tha Great, Part I: The Legend

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Nipsey Hussle was this generation’s Malcolm X, Tupac, and MLK. The man had the Staples Center in Los Angeles filled to capacity for his funeral, something that hasn't happened since the King of Pop, Michael Jackson's home-going service. His life deserves no comparison but to those who do not know or understand why his death was so impactful here’s why.

Nip dedicated his life to elevating ... elevating himself, his family, friends, neighborhood, and the world. The Crenshaw native advised anyone he come across to read books that guided him or watch documentaries that enlighten and educate. He would always say “Learn Somethin’.”

Nipsey Tha Great was an astute rapper, a savvy, ingenious businessman, and a CEO of multiple entities. That’s not what made him great; that’s what made him famous and successful. The greatness is in how he made other people feel and how he motivated. "Hussle and Motivate" was more than a song; it was his mantra.

Beyond the songs, he was one of the few artists that actually practiced what he preached. The Grammy-nominated rapper was a devout family man with deep-rooted morals. Nip believed in living by your beliefs and never compromising your authenticity.

Nipsey Hussle's girlfriend (Lauren London), sister, two kids, and extended family

Hussle was far ahead of his time at every point in his life. I had no clue about investing in real estate in my early 20s, and my friends didn’t either. Every dime we earned was dedicated towards some depreciating asset that we thought made us cool. Where did Nipsey get this insight? He was from a low-income, violent, and drug-filled environment where the education system is poor, and the prison system is rich.

Hussle grew up in madness. The type of madness that comes with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and a host of other mental issues growing up in an territory full of death and chaos. How was the LA legend able to elude that insanity? Knowledge is power; he was always learning.

Nipsey's legal first name is Ermias, translated God Will Rise. Ermias was special. He was a gift to this earth.

The Rolling 60's vet showed us how to “gentrify your own hood” as Jay-Z put it. He bought real estate around him and never left his neighborhood to die, unlike most who make it out the war zone called the hood. In the hood, you have the world against you. Your own kind is murdering each other due to self-hate issues, other races are killing you due to fear and hate of black skin, along with the police, criminal justice system, food, liquor, and drugs.

Nipsey Hussle Rose Above It All.

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