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Kendrick Lamar Is The Greatest Rapper Alive

If you’re a fan of Hip Hop, Kendrick Lamar’s The Big Steppers Tour is a must see. Top 3 concerts I’ve been to.

Kendrick is one of the few true artist we have left. Every detail of his career is an artistic expression, nothing purposeless or random. Concerts can be a spiritual experience. Great music is healing, powerful and reminiscent, often evoking emotion. The show was otherworldly. This album and tour further cemented Kendrick as the greatest rapper alive.

The Compton bred rapper is the only Hip Hop artist that can infuse social consciousness into a club/radio/"commercial" record. The intricate lyrics in "DNA," "Loyalty," "Love," and several other hits are unprecedented. In rap music, you fit in a box, you're street/trap/drill, socially conscious, or commercial.

There has never been a rapper to do all of these things at this level, this long. While the obvious name that comes to music fans’ mind is JAY-Z, he has the sustainability but not this degree of social consciousness throughout his career. I'm not saying Kendrick is or isn't better than Hov but just simply that no musician has done what Lamar has. He can make any record and have it contain the melodies, production and flow to be universally accepted, all while making the most thought-provoking, controversial, authentic and labyrinthine lyrics.

As for the tour, it was like going to a lit Hip Hop concert with live theater. A non-stop hour and a half show of pure ecstasy. Baby Keem opened with a good set with great energy and also came in on the soon to be former TDE's artist's set. Keem and Kendrick performed and killed "Family Ties" and "Savior."

The 14-time Grammy Award Winner is the culmination of Hip Hop deities. He has the aggression, controversy and love for people as Ice Cube, Tupac and Snoop. Lamar maintains the mystique and depth of a Rakim, Nas or Lupe Fiasco, delivers multiple flows similar to Eminem, love songs like a LL Cool J, Fabolous or Wale and has multiple hit records. He has all of the elements of what people consider elite Hip Hop. Greatest rapper alive, argue amongst yourselves, I'm standing on this hill.

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