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How To Completely Ruin The Rollout Of A Fire Album ... The Nicki Minaj Story

Sigh. I do not know where to start. If you have ingested any of the erratic and WWE like behavior from Nicki Minaj these past couple weeks more than likely you feel a combination of overwhelmed and annoyed. It started to be entertaining and quickly turned into a disaster. From the shade and shots thrown at Cardi B to downplaying Travis Scott’s album sales, Nicki sounds and is coming across as a jealous sore “loser.”

She started off with this wack 6ix9ine marketing scheme, also known as clout chasing. Clout chasing is saying and doing the most ridiculous actions, often not predicated upon truth, just to get attention. Nicki Minaj has studied the history of the greats which makes it even worse that she is succumbing to these wrestling/soap opera promotion marketing tactics.

None of the greats needed to do this wack shit. It's a corny way to promote. Newsflash, if your music is good the cream will rise to the top. Queen is actually Nicki’s best album! That is the sad part in all of this. If Minaj would just let her music speak, the sales and respect would come.

But, everyone is in constant competition, instead of competing with themselves. Cardi and Travis had the number #1 spots. She blamed Atlantic for paying for Cardi’s success inadvertently, a ridiculous claim, and accused Travis of bundling his merchandise with album sales but she bundled her album with tour sales.

The pot calling the kettle black. If Nicki was focused on getting the good music she has on her album out instead of making excuses to why she is not #1 the album sales will come.

Ask yourself, has Jay Z, Biggie, Kendrick, J Cole, Nas, Big Pun, or Drake ever had to rile up everybody with Shaderoom tea gossip to release good music? Release the music and do interviews without attacking other artists. What Minaj and her team failed to realize is when you condemn those artists, especially with the fanbases of Travis and Cardi B, you ostracize yourself from their fanbase, which correlates to less record sales and appreciation for you.

A few things come into play with album sales, two major influences are, being likable and having great music. Currently, Cardi B hate it or love it is one of the most liked artists. I understand the competitiveness in rap, but Cardi B and Nicki are not in the same lane.

If she wanted to take shots at someone Remy Ma is the rapper. Remy also is a skilled lyricist that proved she can go toe to toe with Minaj lyrically. Cardi B does not write her own lyrics admittedly, she is just here to make good music, not to battle rap.

Nicki coming at her is like Jay-Z coming at Nelly, Lil Jon, Diddy, etc. Those artists are not trying to be the #1 lyrical rapper in the world.

This article should be the review of a good album from Nicki Minaj that is full of well written and produced songs. Minaj is one of the best lyrical rappers, and one of the most accomplished artist in music history who just released her best album, that should be the headline.

I would rather be critiquing her marginal content against her top-notch lyrical ability, instead we are here. Ladies and gentlemen this is how you completely ruin the rollout of your best album. Good music will get heard without enlisting a Vince McMahon script to do so, especially when you are already an established artist like Nicki Minaj.

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