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#GeorgeFloyd Tired.

Tired. I debated posting something about this. Not because I don't feel or see it. Not because I can't count the number of times I've been wrongly harassed by the police. Not because I don't feel for his family and everyone that's hurt. But because this is a painful, traumatic cycle that keeps happening and I want it to change for good.

I also considered that my platform is traditionally used as an escape from the same thing being reported on a million other publications but I do divert from for stories that impact the culture outside of music. In the end, I didn't want silence to come across as being unaligned.

People have a right to be upset and no matter what race you are, you should be. Unfortunately, this is nothing new to African Americans, but that doesn't make the unlawful murders less traumatic, if anything more so that in 2020 it's still happening.

What can we do to elicit permanent change? We need true change; unless next month or next week we're in the same emotionally draining cycle.

We must change the laws, federal, state and local, to send cops to jail for life for killing someone handcuffed and unarmed. Support only law officials and candidates that comply. Also, organize withholding your economic spending power as a protest. Challenge every leader and person that wants to help to do this.

"Now is the time to plot, plan, strategize, organize and mobilize." -Killer Mike

To those going through it, I hope you take a break to disconnect from all the constant coverage; it's bad for your mental health. I couldn't watch the video. I can live without seeing another black man murdered.

I appreciate all the other races and corporations supporting showing solidarity and love. I hope we can all unite in change, a change in legislation.

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