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First Drake Now Cardi? Vegas Will Be Lit All 2019

(Las Vegas, NV) "This sounds like Cardi to the stage."-Cardi B The Las Vegas Palms is opening a new day and nightclub called KAOS in a major way. Spring of this year (2019) Cardi B will have a Las Vegas residency at KAOS. She is expected to do 5-6 shows completing winter 2019. Cardi B is not the only performer with a residency at the new club, G-Eazy, Above and Beyond, Kaskade, and Skrillex also have residencies.

Las Vegas is applying pressure to other vacation options this summer. Earlier this year Drake agreed to a 10 show multi-million-dollar deal at XS Nightclub inside the Wynn Casino and hotel. Drake and Cardi B are two of the biggest, most popular, and successful artists currently. Your vacation plans just got more interesting.

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