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DJ Envy Says He Used To Write For Foxy Brown


Breakfast Club host DJ Envy told his listeners that he was one of the pens behind Foxy Brown's lyrics. Envy claimed he was a part of a writing team that was responsible for creating bars for the Brooklyn emcee.

The Queens-bred DJ brought up this revelation in response to an Instagram post from Brown where she fired off on Envy for saying her career "dwindled off." At first, many fans were thrown off at the seemingly harsh response from Brown, though now it seems the friction was from personal issues between the two.

The 42-year-old radio personality responded to the "Oh Yeah" rapper by questioning her mental health and casually sliding in that she didn't write her own raps. "The funny thing about Foxy Brown [is] she's a little delirious," Envy said. "I used to deejay for Foxy Brown and I used to be with her writing team that used to help her write and used to write for her."

He continued, "I actually produced a couple jts for her, one made it on my album, and one made it on her album." Envy ended his response by wishing Brown the best.

See Envy's response in full below.

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