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Dave Chappelle Is Fearless In ‘Sticks And Stones’


Dave Chappelle is one of the most famous comedians on the planet. He started comedy at a time when nothing was off-limits, there was no such thing as going too far. Within the last 5-10 years, comedy has been much more careful. Comedians have been called out on previous jokes and "cancelled." Some have lost jobs or opportunities because of their jokes.

As a result, comics became more cautious and politically correct (PC). It's no question you can find funny without the edge, but what's the fun in that? There is a section of artists who do PC routines, but the world doesn't need everyone to conform. Diversity strengthens not monoliths.

Chappelle's latest Netflix special was genius, but still funny in only a way he can accomplish. The D.C. native gave a fearless and hilarious rant on PC culture packaged inside a stand-up comedy show. He is successful enough to where he doesn't care about cancel culture, backlash or anything else, this was just a plea for comedy to return back to its roots.

The best comedians were great because they had no filter. They said things you wouldn't say but thought it. Great artists can relate and speak on the authentic inner thoughts that usually go without mention.

Chappelle offended everybody and always has. It's the reason the Boondocks, Family Guy, South Park and others have been successful because everyone laughs with each other. He essentially gave a big eff you to those who are attempting to water down the culture.

The two-time Emmy Award winner did what only he could do. The other comedians on his level were afraid to challenge the status quo, and those that did, did not have the audience Chappelle has to cause a shift.

I hope the rest of the comedic world takes note and stops giving a fuck. Live in your truth; everyone else will adjust.

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Editor's note: On occasions LabelTypeDifferent will discuss topics other than music that impact the culture, such as the R. Kelly series.

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