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Colin Kaepernick, Eric Reid and Jemele Hill Are Doing More Harm Than Good: Enough JAY-Z Slander

Updated: Jan 18, 2020


First and foremost, what Colin Kaepernick started was historic, heroic, timeless and courageous. Even through criticism, I do not want to miss the point that beginning the protest was legendary and it is to be respected and revered throughout the times. Police brutality is now at the forefront of discussion — also aided by mainstream news coverage of many unarmed suspects murdered — but what’s next?

JAY-Z decided to partner with the NFL to help with social injustice and the Super Bowl festivities. After announcing this he was attacked by many, but specifically African American voices, Eric Reid, Jemele Hill, Shaun King and an indirect shot from Kaep himself.

All this has done is hurt Kaepernick’s movement as they played into the oldest trick in the book to divide and conquer. Everyone mentioned is speaking from ignorance because they all made these counterproductive statements without knowing what the Roc Nation Founder is going to do.

King, the modern-day Al Sharpton, made a moot point by calling Shawn Carter a “capitalist.” All parties involved are capitalist; we just happen to live in a capitalistic country. Kaepernick reportedly agreed to settle with the NFL and took money from the company he’s allegedly blackballed from without anything changing on his end except a bigger bank account. Reid constantly rips anyone for working with the NFL, but he’s still getting paid by that league.

If Reid was so passionate about his stance, why continue to play in the league? He rebukes everything NFL but continues to take a check from them. Irresponsible and divisive.

My question to Kaep, Reid, Hill and others is what is your solution? Protest without action is just a bunch of yelling and complaining. Everyone can criticize, but it takes courage and integrity to works towards a resolution. The professional football league pledged $100 million dollars to social injustice and hired the Reform Alliance Founder to help as well.

It’s times like these when I understand how someone as transcendent and admirable as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was called an “Uncle Tom” in his day. Passion means nothing without progress. A dream is a dream without work.

When Dr. King protested and implemented the Montgomery Bus Boycott, it had a strategic goal in mind. After a year, the plan succeeded; the buses were desegregated and African Americans could sit wherever they pleased.

I’m not lost on the pain and tragic impact of police brutality. I have been stopped by police over 20 times, illegally searched almost every time and never committed a criminal act. I also have been fortunate to work with some of the largest organizations in the world. It’s a lot to be said for having a seat at the table. I witnessed things that would have been offensive had not it been a diverse environment to tell leadership that it wasn’t a good idea.

H&M for example, before the controversy most would say they were one of the most inclusive companies. I still believe they are it’s just that no one had a seat at the table to speak up. I don’t know what Jay will do, but from the integrity he has maintained his whole career I trust him. Hov’s a billionaire it’s not like he’s desperate for an NFL paycheck.

So quickly people forget what he’s doing with justice reform and how many people he’s helped anonymously. I expect more from Hill because she’s no longer an athlete but a journalist. If she genuinely wants to uphold journalism, then making clickbait headlines and articles without facts is not the move.

As Dapper Dan and many others have said, no matter the source do your own research and come to your conclusions. Study history it happens to repeat itself. Whatever you do, don’t judge a situation without knowing the facts while tearing your fellow brother down. It does more harm than hurt.

 Photo credit Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images

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