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Artist Spotlight: Yuna

One of the best feelings in the world is discovering dope music for the first time. I find new music in multiple forms - through friends, social media, even radio still, commercials, etc. I first heard of Yuna in the barbershop when her 2016 song “Used To Love You,” with Jhené Aiko came on a playlist. Months later, my cousin invited me to a concert at City Winery’s Atlanta location and good God.

As I always mention the true test of a singer is the live show, Yuna said this as well. The Malaysian talent put on an unplugged-type performance featuring a three-member band including her. She sang flawlessly while playing multiple instruments depending on the song.

Besides the great live show, Yuna gave an introduction before each song explaining the meaning or how it was created. What more can you ask for, one of the best performances I’ve been too. If you haven’t seen Billboard's Best R&B Album of 2016 winner or heard of her music, it’s OK there’s still time. She won’t disappoint.

Watch Yuna's live show from that night on our Instagram and other content of her's below.

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